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Bulk (Whole/Half) Beef

Processing dates available:

February/March 2024
More dates will be added as available.

How does it work?

Fill out our order/contact form to get started. Here’s what will happen:

Upon receiving your order, we will advise you of the next available processing date. This is when your cow will be taken to the butcher. We use a couple of processors, all nearby in southern middle Tennessee.

You will be provided a cut sheet when the cow goes to the processor. We can help you fill out the cut sheet. You can choose how thick you want your steaks, if you want roasts, stew meat, etc. The cut sheet will be provided to the butcher.

Your beef will dry age for 14 days (longer is available for additional charge). It will take one week to cut/package. Generally, meat will be ready for pickup 3 weeks after the processing date.

What do I get?

The weight varies for each cow, so we will have to give some approximate numbers. There are some terms that are helpful to understand:

Hoof Weight
Hoof weight is what the cow weighs when it is taken in for processing, live and “on the hoof”. You will pay the market rate for the beef based on this weight. Our cattle typically range from 800-1200 pounds on the hoof when they are sent for processing. We can help “assign” you a larger or smaller cow based on how much meat you want.

Hanging Weight
Hanging weight is the weight after slaughter and removing organs. As a rule of thumb, the hanging weight is 60% of the live (or “hoof”) weight. Processing fees from the butcher are based on this weight.

Packaged Weight
Packaged weight is the actual cut, vacuum-sealed beef you get for your freezer. As a general rule, this is 60% of the hanging weight.

Using a 1,000 pound steer as an example, the hoof weight would be 1,000 pounds, hanging weight would be 600 pounds (60% of 1000) and packaged weight would be 360 pounds (60% of 600).

This means about 360 pounds of meat for your freezer if you bought the whole beef, or about 180 pounds if you bought a half.

What you get will vary based on how you choose to have your beef cut, but in general you may get around 50% ground beef, 30% roasts/brisket/stew meat, and 20% steaks.

Freezer space?

Half a beef will generally fit in a 8 cu. ft. “compact” freezer with some room to spare. Here’s one we recommend.
A whole will need a “full size” freezer – 16 cu. ft. or larger upright freezer or chest freezer.

You’ll need around 150-200 qts. of cooler space to transport a half beef home. Double that for a whole.

Vacuum-sealed meat will last at least a year or longer in the freezer, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your quality beef.


It is best if you arrange for pickup at the processor (usually Loretto TN). If you are in Alabama we have some options for delivery; get in touch and we can discuss


If you have more questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer them.

Ready to order?
Fill out our order/contact form and we will be in touch ASAP.