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Merritt Farm is now offering USDA beef!

Pricing subject to change due to market conditions.

USDA Beef Cuts


Cut 1″ thick
Vacuum sealed

2 steaks per pack

Ribeye $16/lb
T-Bone $13/lb
New York Strip $14/lb
Sirloin $14/lb

Filet Mignon $21/lb (1 per pack, average 0.5 lbs each)

Ground Beef

Available in 2 pound packs

Hamburger patties $7/lb (COMING SOON)
Vacuum sealed, 4 patties per pack


Vacuum sealed
2-3 pounds per roast

Chuck Roast $6/lb
Rump Roast $6/lb
Shoulder Roast $6/lb


Vacuum sealed
3-5 pounds per pack (half)


Whole brisket – Contact us for availability


Vacuum sealed

Fajita meat $8/lb
Stew meat $8/lb
Ox tail $9/lb
Short ribs $6/lb
Soup bones $3/lb

Liver $3/lb
Heart $2/lb
Tongue $3/lb

Contact us with any questions, or place your order now:

Available for pickup BY APPOINTMENT at Merritt Popcorn Co. (3939 Bethel Road, Pulaski TN 38478) or in Hueytown AL (Birmingham area)